June 06, 2012


Falling sorely behind...
I keep a blog in Portuguese and for a while translated every post to English in the same blog, but I thought it was annoying to read, the posts seemed endless.
So I started this blog - but time has not been on my side and I haven't been able to keep both of them.
Have some figuring out to do now. In the meantime, if you want to check out what I've been up to here is the link


I did put in a translation box from Google, although it doesn't translate correctly it'll hopefully give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Take care,

April 30, 2012

kcwc - day six! Pink zebra

I like stripes, she likes pink, so I guess this upcycle fits both our tastes :D.

I got this long sleeve T-shirt at the thrift store because I couldn't pass a shirt that had good quality material, was pink, had stripes, was looking new, and cost about $2.00. I don't remember the size, but I would assume it was small, because it didn't fit me. I didn't think of taking a picture until I realized it was going to be a challenge to get what I wanted out of that T. I can be quite preposterous in my assumptions of how much a piece of fabric can yield... So as soon I it sank that it would require some meticulous planning, I took the shot, and the T was already disassembled. It was a raglan V-neck. V was quite low and had a dark red fine ribbing band around it. I cut out the ribbing and the arms. 

Then got my favorite T-shirt pattern - the raw edge raglan from the book Sewing for Boys, by Shelly Figueroa. I placed the pieces in a way that I could take advantage of the hems of the original T and match the stripes front-back (Please excuse my pattern weights....) The V-neck was so low that I didn't really have enough fabric for the my neckline, so I made do...

Then I cut some light pink jersey knit that I already had to make the sleeves (a little longer than the pattern calls for). I used the original neckband, but because it was long (remember, it was a low V-neck) I had enough for my neckband plus a little for fold up sleeve bands.

And here is Ms.G's raw edge raglans (sans raw edges) The neckline gathered a bit because of the original v-neck, but I actually like it this way.


And that brings me to day six of  kcwc - it was time to tackle the sleeves of the original T.

I thought I'd need a large band on top and a gusset, but because this fabric is so stretchy and the sleeves were so long, all I needed was a waistband, which I made out of the pink jersey I had. I used an existing legging as basis for how long the rise should be, and cut in a way to match the stripes in the center. When I had cut the sleeves out of the shirt, I purposely cut them as a square on top, and as wide as I could, because I knew that the sleeves wouldn't have enough fabric for her hip area, that gave me enough to work on.

And here the result: 


And what was left? This is all. I don't think I ever used up so much of an original item when upcycling.

And here on Ms. G:

And today she decided to put on the whole outfit together.... Tuca said she looked like a pink zebra. What can I say? I like stripes, she likes pink.

And there you have it: one T-shirt and a pair of leggings out of one long sleeved small T.
One happy mommy and one happy daughter.

Good night!


April 29, 2012

kcwc day five - vintage high yoke charmer for Ms G

Last night I worked on Ms G's vintage dress that had been sitting in the "work in progess" pile for about one year. The original plan was to have the 3 munchkins dressed in the same fabric for baby D's dedication in church. I had the amount of fabric needed for 1 dress, 1 jumper and 1 pair of bloomer/shorts (I had intended to make something for me out of this fabric, actually, but changed my mind....)

I cut all three, finished the jumper, and by the time I was halfway through the dress, baby D outgrew the size I had cut his bloomers! I ended up putting the dress away unfinished and Tuca wore his jumper throughout the season.

But better late than never! Without further ado:



I also made this headband. It's vintage cluny lace that I dyed and stitched to grosgrain ribbon . It ties in a bow.

I thought you might want to see the jumper, too :) So here is Tuca last fall, happily waiting for the Mister to take him to his first day of preschool.

But this year, baby D took ownership of it. All I have left of this fabric is a strip about 6 inches wide, but I better whip something up or Tuca will be left out, now that Baby and Ms G have matching outfits.

And I ended up not having time to work on the upcycle. That will come next!

See you tomorrow


April 27, 2012

kcwc - day four! Upcycle for baby D

So excited!!!!!
Well, remember this shirt from yesterday? I absolutely love the fabric! Not surprisingly I was the one who picked it for the Mister. It's a very soft cotton with fine blue and orange stripes and an interesting weave on the blue stripe. Lovely. 
Oh yeah, and it had a hole in the middle of the back!

Well, this is what became of it:

Seriously, how cute is this?

 And how much cuter is baby D wearing it!


I used out of print Butterick 4791, slightly altered. It had elastic around the legs and snaps on the inseam. I opted for biding it and omitting the snaps.
And because I know you're wondering if there was any fabric left, here it is: I still have the collar, button plackets, 2 sleeves and strips of what was once a man's shirt :)

And tonight I'll be working on this item, that has been sitting here unfinished since last spring!

And on another upcycle that I already cut, this is what is left of the original item.....
See you tomorrow!

PS: buttons like these are available at Buttons4all

April 26, 2012

kcwc - day three! Treasure Pockets Pants for Tuca

Didn't think I'd have enough time to finish this last night! It took me a tad over 3hrs to make it, the bigger pieces had been already cut last week.

I got the denin color linen while in the city with my dear friend Cláudia. The minute I saw it I  immediatelly thought of the Treasure Pocket Pants from the book "Sewing for boys". Then the next day I thought of so many other projects I could use this linen on that I doubt the whole bolt would suffice for my ambitions....It's got such a nice drape and color and it's so soft to the touch. Yum! The print cotton is from Jo-Ann, and I love the colors in it - It's hard to find colorful fabric for boys!

I made it in size 4/5, and chopped off 1inch from the crotch height. I opted for doing a regular hem on the bottom instead of using the facing because this way it will be easier to let it out later when he grows.


These pockets are so fun!!! And an unexpected benefit: I won't have to carry his rocks anymore!

See that knitted vest? Isn't it gorgeous? My sweet friend Denise passed it on to Tuca - it was hand knit by her grandma! How special is that? Thanks D!

And what will I be working on tonight?????

There it is: one of the Mister's old Shirts, that I had been secretly wishing he'd tear so I could get my hands on it! 

And who'd have thought he would actually tear it? (I promise I had nothing to do with it!) When I made my secret wish, I should have stated that the tear should be in an inconspicuous place, though, not in the middle of the back where the biggest part of the fabric is! I guess I can't have it all my way.

Let's see what will happen.

See you tomorrow!


April 25, 2012

kcwc - day two! Vintage top for Ms. G

Phew! This was a little more work than I anticipated. I've had this fabric for s couple of years, It's very lightweight cotton. I had it cut since last week and was able to finish it last night. But this morning, when Ms G tried it on - it just looked wrong...
I had made it 3/4 sleeves length, so I considered shortening them, and as I was measuring I decided to just get rid of them altogether. Wow, what a difference! This fabric is way too busy for top+sleeves.

I used  Vintage Simplicity 8284 from 1977, which my dear friend Kate gave to me a while back. I already made Ms G pajamas using this pattern, and this time I opted for using a tab instead of the optional pocket on the front slash- and then it just begged for a button...

I also shortened the shoulder length and made the body a bit longer. I finished the armscye with bias tape.

And what's in store for tonight?

It's partly cut, let's see how far it will go!

See you tomorrow!


April 24, 2012

kcwc - day one!

I took Elsie Marley's kids clothes week challenge this year!
Every day of the week I'll do my best to take at least 1 hour to sew clothes for the kids - it will be a challenge! But so far so good.

Last night I finished off an Easy Linen Shirt for Tuca, from the book Sewing for Boys, made in cotton with the collar and hem in linen. I cut a size 2/3 despite the fact that he measured 4/5, because I wanted it a bit more fitted than what the picture in the book showed, but I lengthened the body a couple of inches and left the sleeves as they were, because they seemed to be the right length. I could have added even more length to the body, so I ended up using a little strip of the linen on the bottom. I also interfaced the collar.

I love how it turned out and will probably make another one with some variations when Fall comes. I'm glad I made the size changes, the 4/5 would have been too big on him.

Oh, and the shirt he's wearing underneath is the Raw Edge Raglan, from the same book, which I've made lots of! Love that pattern - the fit is great, but I never leave the edges raw, I find it easier to just serge it together.

I also started working on this other item, that I had cut last week from a vintage pattern.... I'm starting to second guess it though, not sure if the print will end up being too busy... will see! Hope to finish it tonight.
See you tomorrow!