April 29, 2012

kcwc day five - vintage high yoke charmer for Ms G

Last night I worked on Ms G's vintage dress that had been sitting in the "work in progess" pile for about one year. The original plan was to have the 3 munchkins dressed in the same fabric for baby D's dedication in church. I had the amount of fabric needed for 1 dress, 1 jumper and 1 pair of bloomer/shorts (I had intended to make something for me out of this fabric, actually, but changed my mind....)

I cut all three, finished the jumper, and by the time I was halfway through the dress, baby D outgrew the size I had cut his bloomers! I ended up putting the dress away unfinished and Tuca wore his jumper throughout the season.

But better late than never! Without further ado:



I also made this headband. It's vintage cluny lace that I dyed and stitched to grosgrain ribbon . It ties in a bow.

I thought you might want to see the jumper, too :) So here is Tuca last fall, happily waiting for the Mister to take him to his first day of preschool.

But this year, baby D took ownership of it. All I have left of this fabric is a strip about 6 inches wide, but I better whip something up or Tuca will be left out, now that Baby and Ms G have matching outfits.

And I ended up not having time to work on the upcycle. That will come next!

See you tomorrow



  1. Amiga, your blog is great! I love all the clothes you've made. You really pushed yourself this week. Nice work!

    1. Hermanita, thanks for stopping by. While it was hard, it was completely worth the effort. It was great to see projects coming together so fast. Can't wait to see your creations too.

  2. You said you have some of that striped fabric left...you could make for Tuca the "let's go fishing hat" from the sewing for boys book or "hold'em up belt" from the same book...