April 30, 2012

kcwc - day six! Pink zebra

I like stripes, she likes pink, so I guess this upcycle fits both our tastes :D.

I got this long sleeve T-shirt at the thrift store because I couldn't pass a shirt that had good quality material, was pink, had stripes, was looking new, and cost about $2.00. I don't remember the size, but I would assume it was small, because it didn't fit me. I didn't think of taking a picture until I realized it was going to be a challenge to get what I wanted out of that T. I can be quite preposterous in my assumptions of how much a piece of fabric can yield... So as soon I it sank that it would require some meticulous planning, I took the shot, and the T was already disassembled. It was a raglan V-neck. V was quite low and had a dark red fine ribbing band around it. I cut out the ribbing and the arms. 

Then got my favorite T-shirt pattern - the raw edge raglan from the book Sewing for Boys, by Shelly Figueroa. I placed the pieces in a way that I could take advantage of the hems of the original T and match the stripes front-back (Please excuse my pattern weights....) The V-neck was so low that I didn't really have enough fabric for the my neckline, so I made do...

Then I cut some light pink jersey knit that I already had to make the sleeves (a little longer than the pattern calls for). I used the original neckband, but because it was long (remember, it was a low V-neck) I had enough for my neckband plus a little for fold up sleeve bands.

And here is Ms.G's raw edge raglans (sans raw edges) The neckline gathered a bit because of the original v-neck, but I actually like it this way.


And that brings me to day six of  kcwc - it was time to tackle the sleeves of the original T.

I thought I'd need a large band on top and a gusset, but because this fabric is so stretchy and the sleeves were so long, all I needed was a waistband, which I made out of the pink jersey I had. I used an existing legging as basis for how long the rise should be, and cut in a way to match the stripes in the center. When I had cut the sleeves out of the shirt, I purposely cut them as a square on top, and as wide as I could, because I knew that the sleeves wouldn't have enough fabric for her hip area, that gave me enough to work on.

And here the result: 


And what was left? This is all. I don't think I ever used up so much of an original item when upcycling.

And here on Ms. G:

And today she decided to put on the whole outfit together.... Tuca said she looked like a pink zebra. What can I say? I like stripes, she likes pink.

And there you have it: one T-shirt and a pair of leggings out of one long sleeved small T.
One happy mommy and one happy daughter.

Good night!


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