April 24, 2012

kcwc - day one!

I took Elsie Marley's kids clothes week challenge this year!
Every day of the week I'll do my best to take at least 1 hour to sew clothes for the kids - it will be a challenge! But so far so good.

Last night I finished off an Easy Linen Shirt for Tuca, from the book Sewing for Boys, made in cotton with the collar and hem in linen. I cut a size 2/3 despite the fact that he measured 4/5, because I wanted it a bit more fitted than what the picture in the book showed, but I lengthened the body a couple of inches and left the sleeves as they were, because they seemed to be the right length. I could have added even more length to the body, so I ended up using a little strip of the linen on the bottom. I also interfaced the collar.

I love how it turned out and will probably make another one with some variations when Fall comes. I'm glad I made the size changes, the 4/5 would have been too big on him.

Oh, and the shirt he's wearing underneath is the Raw Edge Raglan, from the same book, which I've made lots of! Love that pattern - the fit is great, but I never leave the edges raw, I find it easier to just serge it together.

I also started working on this other item, that I had cut last week from a vintage pattern.... I'm starting to second guess it though, not sure if the print will end up being too busy... will see! Hope to finish it tonight.
See you tomorrow!


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