April 26, 2012

kcwc - day three! Treasure Pockets Pants for Tuca

Didn't think I'd have enough time to finish this last night! It took me a tad over 3hrs to make it, the bigger pieces had been already cut last week.

I got the denin color linen while in the city with my dear friend Cláudia. The minute I saw it I  immediatelly thought of the Treasure Pocket Pants from the book "Sewing for boys". Then the next day I thought of so many other projects I could use this linen on that I doubt the whole bolt would suffice for my ambitions....It's got such a nice drape and color and it's so soft to the touch. Yum! The print cotton is from Jo-Ann, and I love the colors in it - It's hard to find colorful fabric for boys!

I made it in size 4/5, and chopped off 1inch from the crotch height. I opted for doing a regular hem on the bottom instead of using the facing because this way it will be easier to let it out later when he grows.


These pockets are so fun!!! And an unexpected benefit: I won't have to carry his rocks anymore!

See that knitted vest? Isn't it gorgeous? My sweet friend Denise passed it on to Tuca - it was hand knit by her grandma! How special is that? Thanks D!

And what will I be working on tonight?????

There it is: one of the Mister's old Shirts, that I had been secretly wishing he'd tear so I could get my hands on it! 

And who'd have thought he would actually tear it? (I promise I had nothing to do with it!) When I made my secret wish, I should have stated that the tear should be in an inconspicuous place, though, not in the middle of the back where the biggest part of the fabric is! I guess I can't have it all my way.

Let's see what will happen.

See you tomorrow!


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