April 22, 2012

Baby shoes

I made these shoes using the wool that was left of an ensemble I made baby D, which you can see here.
After the shoes were made there were threads left of the original sweater - no kidding! The leather was a gift from a dear friend that spotted the softest black leather pants at a garage sale and got it for me because she knows I love to upcycle leather. Yes, my friends are THAT awesome! Gracias Jacque!

I basically followed two patterns and tutorials
Stardust cloth shoe pattern
Tacky baby shoes 

There was a third one, but I can't find it now! I think the owner of the blog might have closed it.

The top is lined with gray jersey, which allows for some stretching. I did stitch the sole to the top and back by and on the outside, because these shoes were already about the size of his chubby feet and I thought it would be more comfortable this way. I don't recommend it though if the baby already walks, because the thread would probably end up breaking.
And what about these legs????? 


Here is one of the first shoes I made Tuca, he learned how to walk in these and wore them so much it tore a little hole on the big toe - cute!

The leather was a long overall coat, and I love that color of leather!

And that's another upcycle!

See you soon,


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